The U.S. District Court, Southern District of Mississippi, has adopted an Equal Employment Opportunity Plan which provides equal employment opportunity to all persons regardless of their race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, or disability.

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     NEW   Law Clerk to U.S. District Judge Henry T. Wingate (Click Here)   NEW

     NEW   Law Clerk to U.S. Magistrate Judge Keith Ball (Click Here)   NEW

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Employment Dispute Resolution - Southern District of Mississippi

Employment Dispute Resolution Order  

Employment Dispute Resolution Plan  

Procedures for Appeal to 5th Circuit  

Timetable for Reporting Claims  

Applicable Forms for Employment Dispute Resolution

EDR Form 1 - Incident Report  

EDR Form 2 - Request for Counseling  

EDR Form 3 - Request for Mediation  

EDR Form 4 - Complaint