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Federal Jury Information

Jury Service in the U.S. District Court

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Petit Jury Service

A petit jury is a trial jury, composed of 6 to 12 members, that hears a civil or criminal case and renders a verdict after hearing the evidence offered by the parties.

Grand Jury Service

A federal grand jury does not determine guilt or innocence, but whether there is probable cause to believe that a crime was committed by a specific person or persons. If a grand jury finds probable cause to believe that a crime was committed, it will return a written statement of charges called an indictment.

Confirming Your Reporting Status

If you receive a summons for jury service, you are "on call" for a period of one month.  However, you are required to travel to the courthouse only if you receive notice to serve.

All prospective jurors are required to complete a JUROR INFORMATION FORM.  The form must be completed and returned to the court within five days of receipt of a summons, either by returning the detachable portion of the summons, or by completing an online form on the court's e-Juror website,  Please provide a current telephone number and address, as the court may need to contact you.

During your "on call" period, you are responsible for verifying your weekly reporting status by checking the e-Juror website or by calling 1-866-885-3001.  You will need your participant number to access either the website or the automated phone system.  Your participant number is located on your summons, above your name and address.

If you are asked to travel to the courthouse, it is strongly suggested that you confirm your reporting status before you leave, as last-minute changes may affect your scheduled appearance.

The court understands that jury service may be an inconvenience.  If serving on a jury at any time during your "on call" period would result in undue hardship, you may request to be postponed or excused from service.  Please submit such a request as early as possible before you are scheduled to report for service.  Please note that you must complete a JUROR INFORMATION FORM before the court may consider any such request.