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NextGen Information

Attorney Admissions


On June 28, 2021, the Southern District of Mississippi converted its Case Management and Electronic Case Filing System to NextGen of CM/ECF.

In order to file in our court, if you have not done so already, it is critical that you:

(1) Obtain your own, individual PACER account. Shared PACER accounts will not be permitted for filing purposes once our court has converted to NextGen. If you do not already have an individual PACER account, click here for instructions on how to obtain one.

(2) Ensure that your PACER account has been upgraded. If your PACER account was created prior to August 2014, you must upgrade. Please click here for instructions on how to upgrade your account.

For help with either of these tasks, you may also visit or call the PACER Service Center at (800) 676-6856. If you do not know your current Southern District login or password, or need help locally, please call 601-608-4000 or email for assistance.

On and after June 28, 2021, you will be required to:

(3) Link your current Southern District login and password to your PACER account. To do so, you will login to our District’s e-filing system (CM/ECF NextGen) and follow a few simple steps which are detailed in the procedures below "CMECF and Pacer Accounts."

Please click here for information on CMECF and Pacer Accounts.

Please click here to review the Are You Ready for NextGen flowchart.

Please click here for information on PDF-Related Functionality for Public Filers in NextGen CM/ECF.